DMP CD & Web Catalog Builder

  • Create Product Catalog on CD

  • Slide Show, Print Order Invoice

  • Increase your Product Sales!

DMP Catalog Builder allows you to create, publish and distribute your product catalogs in a minute. You can distribute on a CD-ROM.  Your customers now can directly print and send you an order online. It is simple and easy to use. No computer programming required. Start creating your catalogs in a minute.

An Instant CD-ROM Catalog Builder

  • Complete Catalog Solution – DMP Catalog builder lets you create a catalog of your products, complete with prices, descriptions, photographs and order forms.
  • DMP Catalog Builder is Complete Solution – Catalog Creator and Catalog Viewer.
    Using Catalog creator you can create your catalog CD. Catalog Viewer lets your customer view your catalog on CD.
  • Catalog Wizards – No training required – Catalog builder Wizard allows you to create the catalog without any training or any help. Start using in a minute.
  • Audio and Video Integration – Add value to your product. You can attach any audio / video clip along with your product.
  • Print Order – Your customers can directly email or print and fax the orders.
  • Slide show and Image Editor – DMP Catalog Builder slide show feature allows your customer to view your product at ease. You can edit your image using DMP Catalog Builder image editor.
  • Unlimited Categories and Products – There is no limitation on number of catalog categories and products.
  • DMP Catalog Builder – the only feature rich Instant catalog builder software available . Below to buy now for only $24.95.

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